bride on floor with rose petalsMixxxit Productions, Inc. believes that it can provide the most professional and honest mobile entertainment service found anywhere.  Our customer service sets us apart as we transform each "Event" into an "EXPERIENCE."

We invite you to EXPERIENCE Mixxxit Productions.

Company Profile

The original idea of Mixxxit Productions was started in 1989. It was at this time, that most of the ideas and company policies were developed. 

Since that time, a lot of sweat and sleepless nights have resulted in the Mixxxit Productions, Inc. you know today.

Kids dancing 01Mixxxit has embraced technology over the years and now uses the latest in DJ equipment and lighting.  Mixxxit also has seen the need for different styles of entertainment and this is where our Game Show photography and Karaoke services come into play.

Mixxxit Productions has involved itself with National DJ Associations throughout the years so that you are  assured of nothing but the highest professional standard of conduct....


Question: “Why are there three X’s in Mixxxit Productions?”

The DJ Set upThe intent of Mixxxit Productions was never to be construed as that of a nasty adult entertainment business.  Mixxxit took the copyright infringement laws seriously.  At that time, (1989), there were already nationwide businesses with the names of ‘Mixit’ and ‘Mixxit.’  There was always a dream to make this a nationwide corporation and with those two names recognized nationally, the only option left was to go with three X’s. The name Mixxxit was created to express a knowledge in matching music or any entertainment need to our clients.  Mixing is an art form and a difficult one at that.  Once our clients have experienced this talent, they can no longer stereotype the DJ industry.  

Question:  "How much does it cost?"

This is usually the first question that people ask when they call us on the phone.  It is simply not that easy of a question to answer.  There are so many variables that need to be discussed beforehand.  You cannot call a car dealership and ask how much for a yellow car.  

turntableBefore the issue of money is even discussed, the associate will usually ask for things like the date of the party, the times of the function, how many people will be in attendance, do you want a light show with your entertainer, etc...

We are by no means avoiding the issue of cost, we just intend to provide everything that you are looking for and expecting.  If you are reading this, you are the type of person who understands the importance of QUALITY over cost.


Question:  “Why select Mixxxit over a band?”

Bands are extremely limited to the number of songs that they know and perform.  When a band takes a break and leaves the stage, there is no entertainment for your guests.  There is usually not a large range of music played.  If you want country and hip-hop, you are going to need two different bands.

With today’s technology, you will get crystal clear sound.  You will hear the original artist, their original song the way it was meant to be heard; you are guaranteed the same quality performance each and every time the song is played.

There are occasions when a band and DJ company can work together and it really creates the best of both worlds with the event.

Question: “What makes Mixxxit Productions “The Ultimate DJ and Game Show Authority?”

photo boothWith the acquisition of the state’s first mobile game show system, “Game Show Mania,” we have taken the guess work out of “new ideas.”  Mixxxit Productions is laying the groundwork to which all others will be measured. 


Mixxxit Productions also offers additional services like photo booths, karaoke and video parties.  I know you have questions; don't hesitate to call 405-478-8799.

Question:  “How does Mixxxit Productions compare to the competition?"

DJ workingDue to the most extensive music library, (100,000 songs all paid for), quality of sound, and years of experience, there is no question that the bottom line is: Customer satisfaction, professionalism and value!!