Game Show

Game Show panelEveryone in the Mixxxit Game Show Videoworld is familiar with the “Game Show” craze.  All you have to do is flip on the television set any time of the day and there is some sort of game show.  There is even the ‘Game Show Network,’ twenty-four hours a day devoted to playing game shows.

Game Show Mania is still the most unique and exciting mobile entertainment available today.  The show is similar to those seen on many popular TV game shows, except in this case YOU and YOUR GUESTS participate.

Game Show Set Up Game Show Consoles

The ‘set’ has all the "bells and whistles" of a real TV game all the excitement and spontaneity only found in a live performance.  Electronic score keeping and a professional game show host further enhance the fun.

Game Show Mania BoardFabulous Face Off







Games include, but are not limited to Fabulous Face-Off, Game Show Mania, Spin to Win, Star Power, Who Wants to be a Game Show Maniac and much more!

Check this out…a quiz/trivia game show custom tailored to you or your church, business, or organization.  This is a fast paced, exciting  hands-on activity that is LOADS OF FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Game Show Challenge board



Spin To Win Board